I decided to start this blog off with a few questions to get feedback from everyday people as to what they expect to see happen during the upcoming 2020 presidential election? (1) Will the country be in a civil war if Trump wins? (2) Will the election be stolen by cheating with mass unregulated mail-in votes by the Democrats? (3) Will the country split up if Trump is reelected? I really want your feedback and your predictions.

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I launched this blog site for patriots to have a place to share information along with networking with each other.

17 thoughts on “I decided to start this blog off with a few questions to get feedback from everyday people as to what they expect to see happen during the upcoming 2020 presidential election? (1) Will the country be in a civil war if Trump wins? (2) Will the election be stolen by cheating with mass unregulated mail-in votes by the Democrats? (3) Will the country split up if Trump is reelected? I really want your feedback and your predictions.

  1. I’m going to start this off by saying that we stand a very strong possibility of a civil war in this country in the near future whether Trump wins or looses in 2020. The odds of a civil war are higher if he wins. I also believe that the country may split over this political unrest. These are my personal opinions.


  2. The biggest concern I have is the censorship by ALL of the news media / social media platforms.
    Communication is all but cut off at the hip and this blog is at least an effort to open some channel to express ourselves. Hope it becomes useful.
    Another note: Yes, I believe there will be troubled times ahead, up to and proceeding the election. I’ve made a few changes in our line up to be able to respond and defend our well being and property.
    Who all is using radios for communication and what frequency? Please explain so those of us who want to get prepared can get the necessary tools. Thanks


    1. Yeah the censorship along with the in your face corruption by media os over the top. People better be looking for alternate sources of mass communication because the internet is losing it’s luster for freedom.


  3. Dear Mr. Watson:

    Just heard about mask law in Gaffney. I want you to know I am with you as a fellow ‘public nuisance’ in this fight for freedom. I refuse to comply for religious and moral reasons.

    On the topic of a coming civil war, it can be done. I’d say that mask-wearing ‘citizens’–I use that word loosely–are very close to being outfitted in uniform. It happened in 1861. War is continual in a real way since globalist/empire builders enacted laws to control the people. Most people in America do not know, for example, that employment discrimination laws are global edicts. The progressives have subverted our identity now for 160 years. Sexual identity is now becoming law to divide us.


    1. Juan although some of the businesses push for the mask they cannot demand it. I go into businesses without wearing a mask. We will know soon enough where this lie will take us. As of now, I personally know of people who have started compounds with other families who are off-grid and armed and ready. That’s sad that people in this country feel the need to take these steps.


  4. I’m sorry to hear you are going to the ‘mattresses” so soon. Our leaders haven’t been shot yet. May I suggest a few things? Have you seen the photos in the govt newspaper? Hundreds of leftists have voted absentee (sic) at the rock and roll auditorium downtown. We must counter-punch with voters who will listen. Then I would plan a protest of that nutcase sheriff who is on TV like a do-gooder Baptist. It is Halloween everyday in government! They are ghoulish! We can burn the police station down, but we don’t have to. I think there is a way beside violence. Lets have a ‘I Slap Your Face With My Dickday” protest. What is a dickday? Your guess is as good as mine, because the govt has no respect for men or genitalia or anything else. It must not stand. We want crack! We want crack!


  5. Dear Mr. Watson:

    It just occurred to me whats happening. Those voters who are voting absentee in Spartanburg (which is a lie since they are very clearly present) are going to vote twice. The probability is very high. I suggest we do the same. Am I suggesting we break the law? There is no law. I learned that from the movie Deliverance.. “Where’s the law, Drew!” The fingerprints of our English lords are all over this action–showing the law is what they say it is.

    Sincerely Yours,



  6. Dear Watson:

    I am taking over your blog. Here are my terms. You must shut down immediately.

    George Floyd was Murdered

    There is war on the streets. They say killing during war is not murder. Maybe not, but people do not know they are at war. They fill prison cells. Joe Biden and Joe Andrea were/are hiding the truth. They were gangsters-corrupt. Globalization is war. We Americans are as close to the fight as Putin is in Syria. The events we witness on this continent are no different than what happened in Dutarte’s Phillipines.

    I do not blame officer Derek Chauvin. This man was a socialist do-gooder. Probably was a religious man. In a police state, he was normal. We live in a police state. Everyone is a cop. Cops are not going away, they are going into history, because they are irrelevant. Socialism will sacrifice anyone at any time to push the state forward. Forward. Onward. This is the criminality that had its genesis in empires of the past. The desecration of human remains is on-going. Our English lords have a hand in this.

    The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey

    There is an opening scene where a monkey violently picks up a bone and smashes other bones. Desecration. There is a scene in the Amy Coney Barrett supreme court confirmation hearings, where we see crocodile tears of a woman in opposed to life and Barrett’s confirmation–a woman! Woman are equal! Death is the prescription for the sick, not life and health.

    George Floyd was a fragile human being. I think he was a nice man, not criminal, but had drug problems. Why can’t you love George? I love George. The cops stalked him. George was afraid and swallowed drugs to hide from the law. This is why he died. Cops killed George, just like they killed Destiny McDade in SC. They are fanatical. Nuts.


  7. A couple of things to address here. Yes I agree we are at war. No police are not going away because the honor system of being lawful has never worked in ANY society in history therefore we need some sort of law enforcement. Are all laws good? No. Are some laws petty? Yes. Do we still need law and order? Absolutely!!! Have I seen the intro to The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey? Yes and your point is well taken sir. I’ve seen the whole unedited video with Officer Derek Chauvin BEFORE he was on the curb and officer Derek Chauvin went out of his way to trying to be nice and even fair with George Floyd but I do not agree with him putting his knee into the neck of George Floyd. That was either staged or a very dumb move and I really question that. As to George Floyd being a fragile human being I think the man knew the system and that he was shrewd but I do agree with you that he was fragile due to the drug usage. I think his days were numbered due to drug use with or without the police involvement. I don’t hate the man either. I felt bad for what happened to George Floyd. These protest were going to happen with or without George Floyd or anyone else who died at the hands of police. We are dead in the middle of a communist/socialist overthrow of this country and that’s a fact! That’s what these protest are really about!


  8. Dear Mr. Watson:

    You are censoring my posts. That is too bad. You lied, Watson. You will never know the truth if you hide. You said you will not hide. It was your strong belief. Jesus will condemn you for this work.

    Let’s talk about the cops, and I suspect you are one. Did you see the funeral for Prancer –the cop who died on the highway to stop a drug addict? Prancer was one of Santa’s reindeer. He was innocent, not you. Did you see the corrupt boss, Henry McMaster? He was there. The cops are corrupt in Greenville. They looked like those fake Hollywood bitches that worked for Muammar Kaddaffi. Everyone was dressed up. You can run, but you can’t hide, Watson. Your buddy George Bush said that.

    Best Regards,



    1. Juan actually I’m not… I’m having an issue setting up this word press site to just allow the post to automatically post without approval. I’ll figure out how to set it up so that the post show up as soon as you post it. Be a bit patient and I’ll solve the issue. Sorry about that.


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